"Forgotten Voices"
by Nagla Samir
A Photographic Archive
A new collection with previously unseen images


"It was that disturbing gaze that drew my interest to their images, capturing the essence of childhood anticipation. A haunting vision, reflecting self-awareness and prediction of one’s own mortality. After all, none of them are alive today!"

The collective reflects a visual and spiritual discovery through archives dating to the early twenties and thirties, portraying a segment of the Egyptian society; middle-class children, in a documentary detail-conscious style.

Subjects are dramatically isolated, dominantly placed against virtual expressionistic backgrounds, modified to intensify human fringe situations, such as loneliness, anxiety, and desperation.

Merging traditional photography with alternative digital manipulation techniques, creating unconventional images, in a contemporary conceptual context.

“Forgotten Voices”, a series of 50 artworks, was first exhibited in 2007, at the Gezira Art Center, Cairo, Egypt. Parts of the collective were exhibited at The Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi, Italy, Kathmandu, Nepal, and Vienna, Austria.

Nagla Samir

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