Year in Review

2014 >>
"epa: European Pressphoto Agency: Current Images".
“epa 2: European Pressphoto Agency: Current Images”.
“See You At The Movies: Egyptian Cinema Stills 1930s –1970s”.
“Gazbia Sirry: Lust for Color”.

2012 - 2013 >>
“Face Time: A Visual Legacy”.
“Ebru, the Art of Painting on water”.
“Black, White and Grey: A Photographic Experience”.

2011 - 2012 >>
"Echoes: Photographs from the Collection".
"LIBYA: The Road to Freedom".
“Van-Leo: A Rare Look”.

2010 - 2011 >>
"Wired: 20 Years in Photojournalism" by Aladin Abdel Naby.
"Metaflora" by Walter Chappell.
“Mecca and Medina: A Photographic Journey” Faruk Aksoy.
“Tahrir!” : Group Exhibition.

2009 - 2010 >>
“Egypt Through the Lens” : Group Exhibition.
“Forgotten Voices: A Photographic Archive” by Nagla Samir.

"African Photographs" by Jaime Mota.

"Palestaine: Women and Children First" by John C. Tordai.

2008 - 2009 >>
“Reflections: Another Look”
“Stieglitz: 1864-1946 :The Father of Photography”

2007 - 2008 >>
"Wired: 20 Years in Photojournalism" by Aladin Abdel Naby
“River Man” by John Feeney
“The Shape of Light” by Reem Al Faisal
“Ara Güler: The Classic Photographs”
“Egypt: Metamorphoses” by Dale Osborn and Kamil Vodera

2006 - 2007 >>
“Blue Nile : From Lake Tana to Debre Markos” by Mireia Cano
“Reflections: A Second Look”
“AUC New Campus Construction Progress” by Ashraf Salloum
“Fragrance from the Sufi Garden” by Shems Friedlander
“Searching for Unity: Lebanon , Jordan , Palestine , Israel” A Group Exhibit of Photographs

2005 - 2006 >>
“Ground Zero: 9/11/01” by Lucie Pavlovich
AUC New Campus Construction Progress
“The Cairo Photographs: Whatever I saw before my eyes saw you was a wasted life” by Robert Azzi
“Algeria lives” by Thomas Hartwell

2004 - 2005 >>
“Musalsalat! Prime-Time Ramadan” by Stephanie Keith
“Made in Egypt: The Traditional Crafts of Cairo” by Monda Rafla
“Nubia Before the Flood”
“John Feeney Retrospective: 40 Years of Photographing Egypt” by John Feeney
“Lehnert & Landrock Centennial”

2003 - 2004 >>
"In Hope and Despair: Life in the Palestinian Refugee Camps" by Mia Gröndahl
"Camera Mayya Reborn: An AUC Reincarnation" by Christian Langtvet
"Creswell's Cairo: Then and Now"
"Turkey: The Living Tradition" by Ismail Kucuk
"Architectonics and Personae of a Cellular Memory" by Ahmad Hamid

2002 - 2003 >>
"Palestine: Women and Children First" by John C. Tordai
“Life of Baghdad before the Bombing” by Amr Nabil

2001 - 2002 >>
"Minya: A Cradle of Egyptian Spirituality" by Ahmed El-Maghraby
"The Garden of Dervishes" by Shems Friedlander
"Be Thou There, The Holy Family's Journey in Egypt" by Norbert Schiller
"Daughters of the Nile"
"King Fouad: At Work and Play"
"Legacies of Cairo: Monuments and People" by Monda Rafla

2000 - 2001 >>
"Van-Leo: The Chronology"
"50 Years of Aramco World Photography"
"Lehnert & Landrock in Palestine, 1924-1930"
"Peace That Kills: Gaza, October 2000" by Thomas Hartwell and Enric Marti
"To be a photojournalist in Palestine means to be a war photographer" by Osama Silwadi
"Gulf War Snapshots" by Norbert Schiller

1999 - 2000 >>
"Hassan Bey's Buildings” Christel Kessler
“Lehnert and Landrock’s Original Glass Plates” by Chris Langtvet
“Kosovo” by Enric Marti
"Shapes and Patterns in Landscape and Architecture" by Thomas Schuller-Gotzburg
"Evidence" by Hally Pancer
“The Desert” by Eric Blijboom
“Mamluk-era Buildings in Cairo” by Chris Langtvet

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