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Professional Background and Publications

Throughout my career I have produced and managed many types of media projects. I have served in many roles including that of Director of an award winning television documentary about Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from 3 perspectives: oil companies, conservationists and native populations.

My photojournalism work has been published by National Geographic Magazine, LIFE Magazine, Time Magazine, Cox Newspapers, Chicago Tribune, Knight Publishing Company and others.

As an ICT and Media consultant since 1986, I helped structure and manage projects for: NYNEX/Flag (Fibre Optic Link Around the Globe) Project , World Bank Group, DataTelecom Ghana, MCI, Leland Initiative for Internet Connectivity in Africa, Government of South Africa and WorldNet Television. I have also served as Programming Consultant, Recruiter and Ombudsman to WGBH-TV and Education Foundation.

My extensive work in distance education includes being a member of the Global Electronic Library of Congress Working Group, US National Digital Library Task Force and Consultant to the US National Demonstration Lab for Interactive Communications Technologies (Academy for Educational Development).

In 1993 I founded the On Line Africa Knowledge Foundation that assists communications-for-development projects throughout Africa and the Diaspora.