Contributors & Articles

Last Name First Name Article Title Place
AbdelBar Ashraf AUC - The changing Nature of the Student Body Downtown
Abou Zeid  M.Naguib  Science Building 501 Was the Place  Science Bldg
Allam Mohamed The Palace: Culture, Recreation and Politics Main
Allam  Jehan Memories and Places in AUC  Downtown
Aly  Sherif  The Falaki buildings: the old and the new  Falaki
Amer Maha Mathematics, Business and Computing  Downtown
Arafa Salah The Glass Rooms of the Science Building at AUC  Science Bldg
Assabghy Fadel The Desert Development Center DDC Science Bldg
Attia Jehan The Fountain Area: Reminiscences of a Freshman Main
Bartlett Thomas  The day we bought the Greek campus Greek
Batanouni Hoda AUC is quite amazing Downtown
Beshay Adli AUC- Science, Engineering and the Desert Science Bldg
Edwards Jill Thoughts on Down-Town AUC  Downtown
El Araby  Salah Building changes and renovations at AUC Main
El Bakary  Waguida AUC Memories: Snapshots 1964-1968  Downtown
El Gabry  Lamiaa Across from the Main campus & on the sidewalk Downtown
El Gabry  Lamiaa Mini-Mosques Downtown
El Gabry  Lamiaa Between Courts  Main
El Gabry  Lamiaa Clutch Headquarters  Science Bldg
El Kassas  Sherif Hill House: The computer center & the IBM Baby  Main
El Kholy  Donia Quotes on Campus: Alumni views  Downtown
El Lozy Aziza Collective Memories of AUC Downtown
El Lozy  Mahmoud Wallace Theatre Greek
Elba Eman My Campus Story  Downtown
Ezz El Arab  Abdel Aziz Arrested Dreams Main
Farag Mahmoud The Palace: The daunting main stairs Main
Farag Mahmoud The Science Building: The Sixth floor in 1968 Science Bldg
Farag  Mahmoud  The Move to the Falaki Building  Falaki
Farag Sophie Ewart Hall: From Folklore to Live Lectures Main
Fetaha Mohamed The social research center saves children  Downtown
Fouad Zeinab Main Campus  
Hafez Mohga The Science Garden  Science Bldg
Hamdy Naila The big move sparks memories:my college days  Main
Herbert Michel The Science Building Science Bldg
Hoath Richard Wild Campus  Downtown
Holdijk Lammert Mansour Street Building: The Haunted House  Mansour
Hopkins Nicholas Getting to work in the 1970s and since  Downtown
Kamel Sherif Ewart Hall  Main
Kassabghy Nagwa The day of the earthquake Main
Mardini Sawsan Oriental Hall Stairs  
Mehrez Samia The Representation of AUC Downtown
Montassir Jan The Old Falaki Building Falaki
Nasrallah Magdi Science Building memories of the 60's  Science Bldg
O'Connor Dennis An American at AUC - 1969  Downtown
Omar Hosny Physics, tennis and other things  Science Bldg
Ragai Jehane Ewart Memorial Hall: From Mother to Daughter Main
Ragai Jehane Main campus: historical glimpses Main
Ragai Jehane Science Buildings: Old and New  Science Bldg
Ramadan Adham Room 318 Science Bldg: The History of an Office  Science Bldg
Reimer Mikhail The ups and downs of life at AUC - a story of stairs  Downtown
ElRidi Hoda 1973 - 1985 Downtown
Rizk Nagla Ewart Home Main
Saad Dalia AUC and the Memories Carved in My Heart  Downtown
El Sawy Shahira AUC Building memories  
Shenouda Mervat Thirty seven years of association with AUC & Eng.  Downtown
Shoukri Doris “A Clean Quite Place” (Hemingway)  Main
Stevens Virginia (Gini)  My Little Cubicle Main
Sullivan Tim Thirty Five years at AUC Downtown
Switzer Robert AUC - Old Campus Reflections  Downtown
Tschirgi Dan Ewart Hall in the Old Days Main
Tutwiler Richard Old Falaki Men's Hostel  Main
Wadie Nadia Science Department with all its Six Floors  Science Bldg
Wolf-Gazo Ernest An Office of One's Own at AUC  Downtown