Downtown: Thoughts, Snapshots and Quotes

The downtown campus is located on Tahrir Square, in the center of Cairo within walking distance from many government buildings, hotels, commercial enterprises, cultural centers, and the Egyptian Museum. The busy side streets around the campus accommodate many commercial activities and a variety of people who depend on AUC for their business and livelihood. The move of AUC to the New Cairo campus is bound to have a considerable effect on these businesses and people.

To many of those who contributed to this project, memories are not confined to one place at AUC. To them it is the collection of buildings and open spaces in between that they remember and will miss after the move. The following articles capture various aspects of the downtown campus atmosphere.

Last Name First Name Article
AbdelBar Ashraf AUC - The changing Nature of the Student Body
Allam Jehan Memories and Places in AUC
Amer Maha Mathematics, Business and Computing
El Bakary Waguida AUC Memories: Snapshots 1964-1968
Batanouni Hoda AUC is quite amazing
Edwards Jill Thoughts on Down-Town AUC
Elba Eman My Campus Story
Fetaha Mohamed The social research center saves children
Fouad Zeinab Main Campus
El Gabry Lamiaa Across from the Main campus and on the sidewalk
El Gabry Lamiaa Mini-Mosques
El Lozy Aziza Collective Memories of AUC
Hoath Richard Wild Campus
Hopkins Nicholas Getting to work in the 1970s and since
El Kholy Donia Quotes on Campus: Alumni views
Mardini Sawsan Oriental Hall Stairs
Mehrez Samia The Representation of AUC in the Arab Cultural Imaginary
O'Connor Dennis An American at AUC - 1969
Reimer Mikhail The ups and downs of life at AUC - a story of stairs
El Ridi Hoda 1973 - 1985
Saad Dalia AUC and the Memories Carved in My Heart
El Sawy Shahira AUC Building memories
Shenouda Mervat Thirty seven years of association with AUC & Eng.
Sullivan Tim Thirty Five years at AUC
Switzer Robert AUC - Old Campus Reflections
Wolf-Gazo Ernest An Office of One's Own at AUC