Fall 2008


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New trustee elected, Master's in Migration and Refugee Studies begins, AUC provides e-mail service powered by Google, Career Web creates new employment opportunities, Ministry endorses New Petroleum Engineering Major, AUC provides LEAD scholarship to visually impaired student, Four faculty members honored at commencement



Abdel Hamid Abou Youssef '99 describes car rallying as a way of life


Dalia Saad '96, '00 recounts her memories of the downtown campus and looks forward to new experiences at the New Cairo Campus



Alumni reflect on their memories of the downtown campus

Below are entries for the contest that ran in Inside AUC, the alumni e-newsletter, where readers were asked to send pictures that reflect their memories of the downtown campus.

Leslie John Martin ’47

Maryland, USA

One photo is of the entire 1947 graduating class, except for one graduate: George Eliades. I am in the back row, second from left. I listed myself as John, which is the name I went by, since it was in my photo album. The picture was taken under the Campus Tree, on what was then the Senior Campus. The other photo is of a song we sang. I had written the lyrics to the song. We sang it to the tune of Lili Marlene, a popular German song that the British Army –– in which I had served –– picked up and sang to English words.


Evangelos A. Calamitsis ’54

Bethesda, Maryland

I was delighted to see in the Spring 2008 issue of AUCToday a photo of the latest recipient of the President’s Cup. This brought back some lovely memories of my own days at AUC. In the early 1950s, I received a strikingly similar cup –– the Kirk Cup –– but as I recall it was for both scholarship and athletics. The attached photo of the award ceremony in Ewart Hall shows then President Badeau, the Egyptian Minister of Education and Dean Howard. Please keep up the great work of informing all alumni and friends of developments and prospects regarding our very dear university.

Gail Farngalo ’85 (Liberia)

Georgia, USA

These two photos were taken on the Main Campus within the courtyard between the two halls. One is of a dance performance of the Los Mexicas group, which was founded by Patricia Juarez, a Mexican-American student on a study-abroad program. I am the dancer in the burgundy top; the only other dancers whose names I recall are Abdul-Razak Imam (Nigeria), who was a senior then, and another female performer by the name of Manar. The other photo is of me (on the right) and Gwendolyn Obahor on the evening of our graduation. I look forward to visiting AUC again to reflect on four years of fond memories, as well as creating new ones of the new campus.



Riri Stark née Dimoulitsa ’41

New Zealand

During the war years, AUC was our haven. There were only seven of us in our senior year –– four girls and three boys. Our teachers were our friends, and Dr. Watson, the dean, was our professor of comparative religion and a mentor in all our studies. These pictures were taken in the little garden on campus, where we spent a lot of time studying, chatting or (like Liliane and Laura) putting on makeup. With Jews and Arabs side by side in perfect harmony, it was an era of understanding and helping one another with love and empathy. I revel at the AUC of today –– immense and grand with so many more subjects offered –– and purr with pride and happiness that I was there so long ago. My best wishes for its continual growth and may it be a haven for future generations.


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