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 Other Administrators

Abdel Gawad, Mohamed  Chief Engineer and Director, Buildings and Grounds

Abdel Malek, Hany  Director, Budget and Financial Planning

Akabawi, Mahmoud  Associate Vice President for Computing

Anthony, Cynthia  Washington Representative and Assistant Secretary to the Board of Trustees.

El Araby, Aly Director, Purchasing and Support Services

Aydelott, John  Program Manager, English Language Testing and Training Program, CACE

El Bakary, Waguida  Head, Educational Cooperation Unit, CACE

El Bardai, Mushira  Director, Human Resources

Davidson, Mary  Senior Student Affairs Officer, New York Office

Fabian, Larry Executive Director, New York Office and Executive Secretary to the Board of Trustees

Feteha, Mohamed  Associate Dean, Student Affairs Office

Frazier, Patrick Student Affairs and Study Abroad Advisor, New York Office

Gadalla, Khayria Director, Food Services

Glynn,  James Director, Office of Planning and Institutional Research/Testing and Evaluation Services

Goode, Steven  Director, Sponsored Programs

El Guindi, Maha  Director, Career Advising and Placement Services

Hamed, Hoda Registrar

Hammond, Jax Adminstrative Coordinator-Faculty Affairs, New York Office

Hong, Gene Adminstrative Coordinator-Developement, New York Office

Iskander,  Mary Director, Alumni and Trustee Affairs

Iskaros, Dina Adminstrative Coordinator-Student Affairs, New York Office

Kaddah, Mona  Director, Academic Computing Services

Kamal, Ashraf Director, Safety and Security

Kamal, Randa Associate Director, Admissions

El Kaffass, Iman  Director, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action

El Kosheiry, Ashraf  Director, Computer Studies Division, CACE

Laurence, Magda  Director, English Studies Division, CACE

Linz, Mark  Director, AUC Press

Manotti, Kenneth Associate VP, Institutional Advancement and Directing Developement, New York Office

McKenna, Maureen  Associate Director, Development, New York

Meebed, Menar  Director, Development

Mohamed, Hassan  Director, Sports

Montassir, Jan  Dean of Students

Moussa, Bahgat  Director, Business Studies Division, CACE

Nada, Atef  Director, Zamalek Dormitory

Omar, El Shafei Director, Buildings and Grounds Maintenance

Ramadan, Alaa  Director, Administrative Computing Services

El Rashidi, Mohamed  Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs & Registrar, CACE

Rizkalla, Mourad Director, Travel

Roesch, Jennifer Adminstrative Coordinator-External Affairs, New York Office

Russell, Mike Senior Faculty Affairs Officer, New York Office

Said, Ibrahim  Head, Educational Assessment Unit, CACE

El Saidy, Mohamed  Controller

Salloum, Ashraf  Manager for New Campus Planning

Sami, Bahira Director, Office of External Affairs, CACE

Seif El-Nasr, Ikram University Physician

El Shazly, Ismail  Deputy Chief Engineer and Housing Director

Sherman, Naila Student Financial Affairs and Study Abroad Adviser, New York Office

Shoeb, Nagwa  Director, Public Relations

El Shourbagui, Ibrahim  Director, Buildings and Grounds Services

Sidhom, Suzan  Director, Special Studies Division, CACE

Skipper, Rebecca  Head, Proposals Unit, CACE

Staples, Judson  Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services

Sundstrom, Mary Judith Director, Alumni and Publi Relations, New York Office

Wilmsen, David Director,  Arabic and Translation Studies Division, CACE

Yacoub, Atef Internal Auditor

Younghouse, Robert Associate Dean for Instructional Affairs, CACE

Zayed, Mamdouh Director, Student Financial Affairs

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