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 Arabic Studies

Bio-Bibliographical Research Unit

Director: H. El-Sakkout

The Arabic Studies Bio-Bibliographical Research Unit started as a project in 1972, and later became a unit, to gather basic bibliographical data on modern Arabic literature, and make such data available to scholars and researchers.  The current main activities of the Research Unit cover:

  1. Compilation of bio-bibliographical data on prominent Egyptian authors of the 20th century.  To date, 7 volumes have been published, on Taha Husayn, Ibrahim al-Mazini, Abdal-Rahman Shukri, Ahmad Amin, Abbas al-Aqqad, Muhammad Husayn Haikal, and  Tawfiq al-Hakim.
  2. Compilation of bibliographical data on the major literary genres in modern Arabic literature.  A six-volume work on the Arabic novel has been published.
  3. The current project aims at compiling a Companion to Modern Arabic Literature, along the lines of the Oxford Companion to English Literature, which will include entries on 19th and 20th century Arab authors and critics, the principal literary works, literary schools, literary genres, themes, allusions, and major characters in drama and fiction, as well as important figures who have made significant contributions to the development of modern Arabic literature and culture in general.

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