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 Center for Adult & Cont. Education


Dean:  H. Miller
Associate Dean for Instructional Affairs:  R. Younghouse
Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs and Registrar: M. El-Rashidi
Director of External Affairs:  B. Sami

Established in 1924, the Center for Adult and Continuing Education (CACE) has long played a vital role in community outreach and education in Egypt and the Middle East.  CACE originally served as an information center, supporting lectures, films and seminars.  Over the years, courses were added, originally in the areas of English Language and Business, and later, Arabic Language and Translation, Computers and Educational Methods.  Today CACE's instructional programs are divided into five divisions:  Arabic and Translation Studies, Business Studies, Computer Studies, English Studies and Special Studies. Divisions offer their services through scheduled, contract and off-campus programs.

CACE's scheduled programs, which lead to non-credit, non-degree certificates, offer opportunities for individuals who wish to refine or develop new job skills and are offered at AUC's three campuses in Downtown Cairo, Zamalek and Heliopolis. Students may enroll in a regular professional certificate, advanced professional certificate, mini-certificate, achievement certificate or certificate of attendance.

Through contract programs, CACE offers customized training to a variety of organizations wishing to upgrade the quality of their workforce. Clients include multinational corporations, businesses and governmental and non-governmental organizations. In consultation with these clients, CACE works to develop individualized training curricula most effectively address organizational needs for employee development.  Contract programs offer flexibility in details such as timing and location of programs and can be offered on company premises or at any of AUC's facilities in Downtown Cairo, Zamalek or Heliopolis.  In addition, tutorials are offered to provide flexible, customized learning on an instructor to student basis. CACE offers customized training curricula to address organizational and individual needs for career development.

Through  its off-campus affiliate centers, CACE offers scheduled programs to students residing outside of greater Cairo and in other countries in the Middle East. 

CACE also administers the USAID English Language Testing and Training Programs (ELTTP), a services program interlinked with USAID/Egypt's Development Training II (DT2) comprehensive training program.  As DT2 is designed to strengthen the management and technical capabilities of Egyptian organizations, ELTTP provides support to these aims through English language services.  AUC/CACE was awarded this contract in 1996, and the program is housed in AUC/CACE's Zamalek facility.


CACE´s Mission

The Center for Adult and Continuing Education (CACE) extends the resources of the American University in Cairo into the community by providing high quality educational opportunities for learners of all ages to enrich their lives, enhance their professional qualifications and promote their careers.

In fulfillment of our mission, we offer a wide variety of non-credit programs and actively customize new courses to respond educationally and technologically to the demands of a changing market.

In our commitment to serve the needs of diverse learning communities, we promote collaboration with local and international partners at locations throughout Egypt and abroad.


CACE´s Instructional Divisions

The Arabic and Translation Studies Division offers classes in translation and simultaneous interpreting and in colloquial Egyptian Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic.  Arabic language classes are normally given at the elementary and intermediate levels; advanced classes may be offered depending on demand.  Certificate programs offered by the division are designed to provide students with solid grounding in the interdisciplinary nature and practice of translation and interpretation.

The Business Studies Division strives to meet the diverse needs of today's Egyptian and Middle Eastern markets by offering mini-certificates, professional certificates, advanced professional certificates and certificates of attendance, all of which comprise courses designed to provide students of all levels with the necessary abilities to succeed in future positions in general business, sales, marketing, finance, travel and tourism and supervisory management. 

The Computer Studies Division offers advanced professional certificates, professional certificates, mini-certificates and certificates of attendance, all of which are designed to equip future leaders with the knowledge and skills to participate effectively in the information technology age.  Professional and advanced professional certificate programs are designed for holders of high school certificates and/or university degrees.

The English Studies Division offers general English language courses at all levels of proficiency, as well as specialized courses for members of various professions and students preparing for the TOEFL or the Egyptian preparatory and secondary school certificate examinations.  The program provides intensive, specialized English language courses for students enrolled in or preparing for CACE professional certificate programs. New students are given an English Proficiency Test to determine their appropriate level of instruction.  Also offered are courses leading to nationally and internationally recognized teacher training certificates.  The division also organizes and hosts the international EFL Skills Conference each December.

The Special Studies Division offers scheduled German courses for adults, German, English and computer courses for young learners and an annual Junior Summer Program for youth between the ages of 6-14 years.  The division also offers a variety of customized and tutorial courses, seminars and workshops for the benefit of both the general public and individual organizations. The division designs and implements workshops and seminars on learning disabilities in children, teacher education and various technical and vocational subjects. 


For More Information

For information on any of CACE's programs or to receive a CACE Course Catalog, which details the Center's various program offerings , please call (20-2) 797-6880, (20-2) 797-6868 or write to the address listed below:

Center for Adult and Continuing Education
The American University in Cairo
28 Falaki Street, Bab El-Louk
P.O. Box 2511
Cairo, Egypt
Fax:  (20-2) 797-6858 or (20-2) 795-7565

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