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 Special Awards

Contributions from donors provide a number of endowed and annual awards. Eligible students may apply at the departments where these awards are offered.

Noreen Anwar Prize: a cash prize awarded twice a year to the best freshman research paper.

Mohamed M. El Beleidy Academic Award: a cash award given twice a year to the graduating senior with the highest grade-point average.

Beatrice and Roger Carlson Prize: a cash prize awarded to a woman who has demonstrated academic excellence. The prize money is to be used for the purchase of books.

Tewfick Pasha Doss Award: an annual award given alternately to the best thesis in English and comparative literature and political science .

Jesse Dugan Memorial Fund: proceeds of which are used for library staff development.

Ahmed Fakhry Award in Egyptology: a cash award for the most outstanding junior majoring in Egyptology.

Abdulla Mohamed Lamloum Prize: a cash award given to the highest-ranking economics graduate.

Dr. Abdel Rahman El Sawy Award: an award in the name of Dr. Abdel Rahman El Sawy to a public school graduating senior studying engineering for the accomplishment of his/her graduation project.

Madalyn Lamont Prize: a cash award given to the winner of a literary competition.

Ahmed El Mahallawi Family Award: a cash award presented at each commencement to a graduating senior who has demonstrated excellent academic achievement and is enrolled in extracurricular activities that include community services.

Anand Mehta Award: an award to support Egyptian students participating in Model United Nations activities.

Nadia Niazi Mostafa Award: an award presented to the winner of the best term paper or the best thesis in Islamic Art & Architecture.

Parents Association Cup: a cup awarded twice yearly to a graduating senior who demonstrates unusual capability in blending academic achievement with a major contribution to student activities.

Parents Association Outstanding Teaching Award: a cash award given to the best teacher of the year nominated by AUC faculty, alumni, parents, and students. The President of the university makes the final selection.

President's Cup: a cup awarded twice yearly at commencement to the student achieving the highest grade point average during his/her years of study in the university.

Reda Salama Prize: two cash prizes awarded annually to the best literature and best science students in the Center for Adult and Continuing Education (formerly DPS) Secondary-School Program.

Samiha El Barkouky Award in Egyptology: to be awarded to an academically deserving  graduate senior majoring in Egyptology, whose GPA is 3.3 or more.

Frank G. Wisner Award for Scholarly Excellence: a cash award given annually to a graduate student who writes the best thesis on a topic related to modern Egypt.

Dr. Hamed Kamal Eldin Award:  a merit award for the professional program in project management to the best graduation project in the name of Dr. Hamed Kamal Eldin to recognize his contributions towards the development of this program, the Computer Aided Engineering Program.

Zewail Prize for Excellence in the Sciences and the Humanities: a cash award given twice yearly at commencement to an honors graduate whose academic accomplishments demonstrate extraordinary commitment to the pursuit of scientific inquiry and the affirmation of humanistic values.

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