Dr. Nagla’s teaching, research and advocacy focus on advancing the critical role of knowledge and technology as drivers for human development. Framed within the “access to knowledge” paradigm, her research interests lie in the economics of knowledge, technology and inclusive development. Rizk studies digital platforms, entrepreneurship, innovation, data, intellectual property and business models in the digital economy, particularly in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with focus on their role in promoting development in Egypt, the Arab world and Africa. Her research is multidisciplinary in nature and aims at offering academic contribution to an area of interest that is novel to Egypt and the region, while contributing to global scholarship and actively presenting the voice of developing countries in global conversations. In her work as founding director of the Access to Knowledge for Development Center (A2K4D), She is engaged with regional and international partners in policy- oriented research that focuses on the developmental perspective of knowledge in general and knowledge governance in particular. Rizk’s research provides the academic base for her advocacy work on promoting access to knowledge, freedom of information and open source technologies in Egypt. Given the multidisciplinary nature of her area of interest, her teaching spans academic specializations and speaks to students of diverse fields. Rizk’s record also includes active citizenry within AUC through membership in numerous committees and engagement in various administrative capacities, currently as Center Director, and previously as Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research at the School of Business and Chair of the Department of Economics.