Spring 2010


A Celebration of Success

The Golden Age

Beyond Literary Bounds


What's Up With Downtown

From Inside AUC

Discovering A Foreign Land

Queen Rania Al Abdullah ’91 speaks at AUC, new Board of Trustees member appointed, PhD program begins, provost starts new lecture series, Arabic Web site launched


Professor Salah Arafa honored for environmental work

Ethar El-Katatney ’07 is the first Egyptian to win CNN’s African Journalist of the Year Award

Nevine Loutfy ’74 is the first woman in the Arab world to head an
Islamic bank

Gala El Hadidi ’05, ’07 is the youngest singer to join the Cairo Opera Company


Gihane Refaat, a graduate of the
Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership Center, recounts the lessons learned from the program



From Inside AUC
                                  A monthly newsletter for AUC alumni

Below are entries from the monthly contest
                                        that ran in Inside AUC, the alumni e-newsletter,
                                         where alumni gave ideas for remodeling AUC Downtown



Demolish Science Building

    “If I were to return to visit AUC and see the Tahrir Square campus, I would love to visit the old Main Building with its beautiful Arabesque meeting rooms, but please tear down the science/math building that was on the corner near the student center. That thing was a nasty eye-sore from the beginning.”

Nicole Bovey Alhakawati MA ’94, Jordan

Speaker’s Corner

    “I have great memories of the old campus, and my last visit was in 2003, which tells me that it is time to visit again soon! I saw an interesting contest in Inside AUC, and I have a suggestion for making the campus a focal point for all. If a Speaker’s Corner could be created in the central courtyard, we could create a theme for each week, and all people visiting the campus could share their thoughts on the theme. This could be interspersed with brief talks from people on their memorable moments during their time on campus. All of this can be streamed on the AUC Web site and will be watched with great interest by the online community. Keep up the good work and hope to meet up with all of you sometime soon.”

Balakrishnan Sethuraman Manjeri (MA ’80), United Arab Emirates


Preserving History

    “I read about the renovation project at the old campus that would transform it into a ‘downtown cultural center’ that includes a bookstore and café! You have asked for our input regarding this venture. I understand your intention to involve the Cairene community in this historic location. But I have my fears that this beautiful campus might lose its character and turn into a social club and meeting place. I hope you have plans to limit access to times of special events. I also hope that you intend to preserve the beautiful Oriental Hall and its foyer exactly as is. This is history and art in one spot, and it is full of memories for generations of students. The water fountain under the huge tree in the central yard is also very precious to our hearts and is inseparable from the artwork of Oriental Hall. This part of the old campus is the one part that, in my modest opinion, should be left untouched. Thank you for allowing us to share our opinions, and I hope that they would be taken into consideration.”

Rafida Shukairy Saadi ’66, ’70, United States




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