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Globalization is a multifaceted process that manifests itself in the various aspects of life; economic, political, social and cultural. None of these aspects does not bear traits of women’s influence either directly or indirectly. Thus the subject of globalization and its impact on women became of considerable interest in most countries. Tackling this question in different works all over the world reveals that there are two views. The first considers that globalization has been a source of more pressures and responsibilities on women, while the second views globalization as a source of several advantages for women. In fact, both trends are bearing non-negligible traits of reality.
  Current Highlights
  Roundtable on the Role of Women in the Development of the Private Sector of the Middle East and North Africa Region   World Bank
  Advancing Women in the Global Workplace. Principles in Action  UNIFEM
  The World Summit on the Information Society   conference
  Women in Sciences & Technology.  27–29 May 2004. Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action department at the American University in Cairo in collaboration with
the National Research Center.
  How to Make Globalization Work for the Poor. World Bank.

Important Publications

  The Effects of Globalization on Women in Developing Nations 2005
  Women and Globalization: A Study of 180 Countries, 1975-2000
  Women and Globalization
  Improving Women's Lives. World Bank Actions Since Beijing
  "Globalization with a Human Face". UNDP
  "Egypt Human Development Report 2000-2001: Globalization". UNDP
  Progress of the World's Women 2005: Women, Work and Poverty UNIFEM
  Globalization and Gender: Economic Participation of Arab Women. CAWTAR   site is currently under construction
  World Survey on the Role of Women in Development: Globalization, Gender and Work. UN General Assembly

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