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Personal Interests

Dr. Rasha Abdulla has a passion for music. Besides enjoying listening to most types of music (except house, hip-hop and rap:), Dr. Abdulla is a professional singer and guitar player. She has performed on several occasions at the Cairo Opera House and the Citadel Music Festival both as a solo artist (singer/guitarist) and as part of the Yehya Ghannam band, Sobhi Bidair and Friends, as well as Sunshine band where she was lead singer and guitarist. She has also performed at several music festivals both in Egypt and the United States, with audiences of up to 6,000 screaming fans.

Dr. Abdulla is also a recording artist. She is the official voice of Daisy Duck for the Arabic-language Disney productions. She records songs and voice-overs for the Arabic version of Sesame Street and various Disney productions. She is featured in the lead roles for the Arabic versions of MegaMind, Surf's Up, as well as the American sitcom "Till Death," among other things. She also records advertising jingles both in English and Arabic.

At AUC, Dr. Abdulla performed numerous times at Ewart Hall as well as at the "Farewell Greek Campus" party. She is also a founding member of the AUC Osiris Singers Choir.



Dr. Abdulla’s other passion is tennis. As a junior, she was a competitive player, and was one of Egypt’s tennis champions during the mid and late 1980s. She is the winner of nine national titles (first place), and eight second and third place titles. She has also represented AUC as an undergraduate (1989-1992) in the National Universities’ Tournament, where she won four gold medals, a silver medal, Best Female Tennis Player cup, and several certificates of sports achievement. She also represented AUC three times against Limasol Sporting Club in Cypress, and against Richmond College in England.