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 English & Comparative Literature


Department of English and Comparative Literature

School of Humanities and Social Science

Professors: F. Ghazoul, J. Rodenbeck, D. Shoukri (Chair), S. Stelzer

Assistant Professors: J. Henriksen, W. Melaney, J. Stone

Master of Arts


An applicant for admission to the master's program in English and comparative literature should have a considerable background in the study of literature.


A minimum of twenty-four graduate hours is required. All students admitted to the graduate program will be required during their first year to take ECLT 411 if they have not already done so. There are no exemptions from this requirement. All students are further required to take ECLT 409, ECLT 410, and ECLT 412 unless they have already done so. Two of these 400-level courses may be used to fulfill the requirement of twenty-four graduate hours, provided that these courses have not been taken for credit as undergraduate. Six courses must be taken at the 500 level. No more than two graduate-level courses may be transferred from another university.

With permission of the student's adviser and the chair of the department, a student may take graduate coursework in another department provided that its content is directly concerned with the area of the student's degree work. No more than two such courses will be accepted for credit toward the master's degree.

Comprehensive Examination

All candidates for the master's degree will be required to sit for a qualifying examination after completing six courses in the department. The exam will be both written and oral. The exam will cover a list of 30 books, to be submitted by the student one month in advance, and will be prepared in consultation with the adviser. The list must be approved by the student's adviser and the department chair. Selection will be made from the major periods of Western literature and should include selections from poetry, drama, and prose. If the student passes this examination, he/she will be formally admitted to candidacy for the degree. If the exam is failed, it may be repeated once. The student will not be permitted to write a thesis until the exam is passed.


Before writing a thesis the student must demonstrate, in an examination, knowledge of either French or German. At the discretion of the department another European language may be substituted, should it be more pertinent to the student's field of interest. The exam for both languages will take place on December 15 and April 15 each year.


The department conceives of the thesis as a research paper of approximately 7,500 words, which should demonstrate by its high quality the student's ability to handle the techniques of research and to write critically and pointedly about a given subject. The topic must be chosen from subjects in the student's area of concentration. It must be acceptable to the student's thesis director in the light of his/her special qualification and his/her judgment of the student's capability, and the availability of the required library facilities.

A proposal must be submitted to, and approved by, the first and second readers as well as the department chair. This should be approximately five hundred words. A working bibliography should be included. There will be a final defense of the thesis and related topics.

English & Comparative Literature Courses (ECLT)


 CourseNumber CourseTitle


Renaissance Writers


Seventeenth-Century Writers


Eighteenth-Century Writers


The Romantic Movement


Nineteenth-Century Writers


Modern Poets


The Modern Novel


Readings in American Literature


Readings in French Literature


Readings in British Literature


Selected Topics




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