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 Forced Migration & Refugee Studies

Forced migration has become a major theme in international politics, and Egypt has become a major center for forced migrants and the organizations that work with them. Because of this, there is a need to offer training in the area of forced migration. The one year graduate Diploma in Forced Migration and Refugee Studies is designed to meet the needs of individuals currently working with refugees, those who seek to enter that profession, and those whose research interests focus upon issues of forced migration. It seeks to do this by placing the study of forced migration within a broader social science context.

Structure of the Diploma

The graduate diploma is governed by a Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) composed of the Chairs of the Departments of Political Science and Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, and Egyptology, as well as one additional representative from each department and the Director of the Office of African Studies. The JCC makes decisions concerning all aspects of the diploma program, including, but not limited to, admission of students, the planning of the curriculum, and advising students.


Applicants seeking admission to the Graduate Diploma in Forced Migration and Refugee Studies must meet the requirements for graduate admission to AUC and must meet the University's language requirements. Information concerning these can be found in the AUC catalog. Special consideration may be given for professional experience.


The graduate diploma requires 6 courses for a total of 18 credit hours from at leas two departments. The program is intended to be completed in one year. To insure a broader comparative understanding of forced migration, students must also demonstrate, either through course enrollment or research, that they have examined issues in the Middle East and Africa. This will be validated by the JCC or its designated representative. Students are also encouraged to pursue an internship.

Required Courses



Approaches to Forced Migration and the Refugee Condition



Issues in Forced Migration



Electives in Forced Migration and Refugee Studies

Students must complete 4 additional courses from the list of elective courses approved by the JCC. Matters relating to forced migration must be a part of each elective course, and students must complete a major research project that focuses upon forced migration and refugee studies in each elective.

Every year, when the teaching schedule of the following year is prepared, the JCC will decide which electives will count towards the Diploma. When it is apparent that courses include a sufficient focus upon forced migration and refugee studies, they may be added to the list of electives. Likewise, when courses cease to have adequate content relating to forced migration and refugee studies, the Joint Committee may remove them from the list. The following list is illustrative of courses that could contain significant components on forced migration and refugee studies. A list of courses currently approved for the Diploma is available from the Department of Political Science, the Department of SAPE and the Office of African Studies.

Electives in Political Science



Middle East Politics



Politics and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa



African International Relations



International Development Organizations



Special Topics in Political Science



Special topics in International Relations



Advanced International Law



Practicum: Intership or Reseach


Electives in Sociology/Anthropology



Ethnicity, Identity and Nationalism



Problems in Sociology-Anthropology



Comparative Health and Healing



Ethnographic Fieldwork



Survey Research



Population Dynamics



Middle Eastern Societies and Cultures



Practicum: Internship or Research



Special Topics in Psychology: Cross-Cultural Psychology



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