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 Office of Grad. Studies & Research

Director: Vice Provost M. Farag

The Office of Graduate Studies and Research (OGSR) is committed to promoting and strengthening graduate studies and research across the University.

In graduate studies, the Office coordinates graduate student recruitment and admissions, registration, non-academic advising, counseling and orientation; administers and monitors fellowships, assistantships, and work-study programs; collaborates with the Office of Student Financial Affairs in developing financial aid programs for graduate students; and coordinates and monitors graduate programs in the University. In consultation with the University Graduate Council, which is composed of the coordinators/directors of the graduate programs in addition to student representatives and chaired by the director of the OGSR, the Office recommends policy and interfaces with the Senate Student Affairs Committee on issues related to graduate students, and with the Senate Academic Affairs Committee on issues related to graduate programs.

In support of the University's research mission, the OGSR promotes and strengthens research throughout the University. The Office acts as a catalyst in initiating research activities in addition to providing administrative support to AUC faculty. Interdisciplinary activities such as environmental and developmental studies are encouraged. In consultation with the Research Advisory Council, the Office recommends policy and interfaces with the Senate Faculty Affairs Committee on issues related to faculty research.

The OGSR administers University-funded conference, research, junior researcher, research development, mini and teaching enhancement grants. In 1998-99, 129 faculty members received support amounting to about $312,241. Eighty faculty members received conference grants, thirty-one received research grants, eight received mini grants, and six received teaching enhancement grants.

The OGSR publishes listings of faculty research interests and graduate theses in order to raise the profile of research among the AUC community and to encourage networking and collaborative research, in addition to disseminating AUC's research activities to other educational institutions, organizations and agencies in Egypt and abroad. The OGSR sponsors the annual AUC research conference, which provides a forum for faculty and graduate students to discuss research issues of common interest. The Office provides administrative support for scholarly seminars and conferences held at AUC. The OGSR collaborates with the Office of Sponsored Programs and the Office of Development in promoting externally funded research and soliciting sponsored projects.

The Office of Graduate Studies and Research also coordinates and administers the activities of honorary degrees, Wisner awards, distinguished visiting professors, fellows without stipend and teaching awards.


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