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 Office of Sponsored Programs

Director: S. Goode

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) represents the University in matters related to external funding for research, training and public service projects. The Office works with faculty to cultivate relations with potential sponsors and matches sponsor interests with faculty capabilities. Administratively, it reviews financial agreements, monitors performance and ensures that both university and sponsor concerns are met during implementation of externally funded programs.

The Office assists faculty in the preparation of proposals, including editing and budget development, in accordance with sponsor guidelines and AUC policy. It also keeps the University community updated on grant opportunities, research funding competitions and other relevant information. Proposal writing workshops are sometimes offered by the Office to faculty and staff to strengthen proposal writing skills.

In recent years, the Office has been computerizing its operations as much as possible to facilitate the sharing of information with University faculty. It has developed departmental mailing lists to assure delivery of time-sensitive, discipline-specific information. Maintaining a subscription to FEDIX, the most comprehensive Internet-based funding database of US government projects, it is now in the process of obtaining another, larger one called SPIN. These two databases will offer AUC faculty access to substantial funding information that spans all fields and covers a wide geographical scope. In addition, proposal writing materials and aids are available at the Office for lending to faculty who require some assistance in proposal writing techniques.

OSP also has a web page on the AUC web site for use by the AUC community, with information on OSP services, recent grant opportunities and AUC policies regarding external project approval, administration and implementation. See


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