ICRAC Conference
The AUC International Conference
on African Challenges


4-5 December, 2019

Welcome to ICRAC Conference

ICRAC is the International Conference on African Challenges held by the American University in Cairo (AUC). Guided by the UN's vision for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the AUC, a leading global university in Africa, brings together researchers across disciplines, to engage in knowledge-sharing, exploration and discussion of the first of seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - "No Poverty." The conference is a platform for Academics, Policy makers and NGOs to meet, network, and examine practical solutions to commonly identified problems

Call For Papers

Global poverty is high on the African development agenda, as most of the global poor reside in Africa. Given the complexity and multi-dimensionality of poverty, this conference invites participants from disciplines across the various areas of academia to share knowledge and engage in constructive problem-solving. The conference is also the starting point for further interdisciplinary research to effectively examine features, causes, methods, solutions, policies, and evaluations of this key challenge in the area.

You can find the complete Call for Papers in the attached PDF. For abstract or paper submission, on ConfTool Pro, click here

Main Tracks of the Conference

Track 1: Governance Challenges and their Impact on Poverty and Social Challenges

Track 2: Combating Poverty through Education

Track 3: Migration and Inequality

Track 4: The New Politics of Redistribution in Africa

Track 5: Gendering Agency and Inequality in Africa

Track 6: Labor Market Policies and Business Model Innovations for Poverty Reduction