About the Conference

The Arab Republic of Egypt has a unique geographical position in Northeast Africa, at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, on the Mediterranean and Red Sea, and connected to Sub Saharan Africa through the Nile Valley. To address major issues, in line with the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, the Egyptian Government has launched a working plan called Egypt’s Vision 2030, also known as Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS), which encompasses the economic, social and environmental dimensions of development. SDS promotes economic flourishing based on justice, social integrity and participation. It is under the SDS that all development plans in Egypt are incorporated,while, at the same time, being strongly guided by the SDGs. Egypt is focusing on strengthening and deepening its ties with Africa. And as it takes over the chair of the African Union (AU) in 2019, it is intensifying its efforts to ensure the realization of the continent’s 2063 Vision with the aim of achieving comprehensive economic and social development.

As the Global University in Egypt, the AUC has taken on the initiative of hosting an international conference that addresses different African challenges. Starting with the first SDG goal “NO Poverty”, the academic conference welcomes researchers across disciplines to share their input on that subject.

The ICRAC promises a memorable academic experience with 18 faculty members from the AUC, acknowledged globally by their research input chairing different sessions, as well as, another 9 international prominent researchers co-chairing the sessions and enriching the outcome through delivering plenary introductory and conclusive sessions.

The AUC Chairs and International Co-Chairs

AUC Chairs

  1. Dr. Abeer Elshennawy
  2. Dr. Gerda Heck
  3. Dr. Ghada Barsoum
  4. Dr. Hania Sholkamy
  5. Dr. Ibrahim Awad
  6. Dr. Malak Zaalouk
  7. Dr. Shahjahan Bhuiyan

International Co-Chairs

  1. Dr. Amber Murrey-Ndewa
  2. Dr. David Zoogah
  3. Dr. Farhad Hossain
  4. Dr. N'Dri Therese Assie-Lumumba