Conference Format


  • The ICRAC is managed by an Executive committee chaired by the Associate Provost for Research, Innovation and Creativity (AP-RIC)
  • The five tracks serve the overarching theme of “No Poverty:"
    1. Poverty, Social Policy and Governance
    2. The new politics of redistribution in Africa
    3. Combating Poverty through Education
    4. Poverty and Migration
    5. Gendering agency and inequality in Africa
    6. Trade, innovation and Poverty Reduction
  • Each track is chaired by a faculty member and the five chairs with the AP-RIC and the Director of Initiatives, Research and Innovation constitute the Executive Committee
  • Three to four tracks will run in parallel during the two days
  • The track is formed of 2-5 sessions
  • Each track is chaired by a faculty member and co-chaired by an international prominent researcher in the field
  • After abstracts are rated, the Executive Committee will organize sessions by overall topics and distribute highest rated abstracts into the sessions. If an abstract is accepted for presentation, the author is REQUIRED to present material as stated in the peer‐reviewed abstract
  • The duration of each session is 105 minutes
  • The sessions will end every day with a 1-hour conclusive multidisciplinary session , presented by the chairs and the co-chairs