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Details of projects, where possible, include the organizations involved, the objectives, activities, dates, beneficiaries, project locations, and websites and/or email addresses. This part is compiled by Social Research Center. For more information, contact:


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New Classification for the Projects Database (BODY, VOICE, WORK)


The website has added a new category of classification to the Projects Database using the major themes adopted by the Pathways of Women’s Empowerment Research Programme Consortium. The themes are:


Voice: Projects that aim at enhancing capacity building of NGOs and different organization involved with women, projects that target enhancing women awareness of their rights, legal awareness, negotiating power as well as providing legal assistance.


Work: Projects that are related to enhancing women participation in the labour market, offering micro-credit, income generation activities, enhancing working conditions for women.


Body: Projects targeting women health (psychological and physical) as well as projects related to violence against women


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