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An Overview

Our research mainly focuses on identifying a framework that combines the principles of good governance with good economic theory that incorporates the household-based care economy into an integrated analysis of the total economy. Within this conceptual framework, economic governance will be engendered through the application of gender-responsive tools such as gender analysis and gender budgeting, and sex-disaggregated data and statistics on gender issues, particularly unpaid domestic work and childcare.
Our focus is on a rights-based perspective to ensure that the government and decision-makers are accountable to the women's constituency for engendering economic governance and that women are able to claim their economic rights effectively.
We will start by familiarizing the researchers, scholars, policy makers or anybody interested in this topic with the terminology used.
>>Terminology and Definitions


Engendering and Budgeting

This section contains a brief overview of the development of Gender Responsive Budgets (GRBs). It includes links to relevant resources about the same topic, and also a  link to a document discussing the case of PHILIPPINES. >>More

Engendering and Planning

Gender sensitive planning entails an understanding of existing gender relations, as well as specific steps to address these gender relations in policies and programmes with a view to promoting gender equality. >>More

Social Considerations
Discussing some of the main factors affecting the participation of women in decision making and leadership. The idea of awareness-raising for men, and how it could help strengthen the capacities of individual women, and increase their involvement in decision-making and leadership.

This section also includes links to related documents and websites. For more information about this issue, visit our social considerations page now.



Engendering Macroeconomics

An Overview of the history and main conceptual points of the new gender-aware policies

This section also includes links to More Resources

Resources on related topics including Structural Adjustment          >>More

Engendering Corporate Governance 
xploring the Role of Women in a Changing Corporate Environment

In the Overview section, we try to address some of the most important questions related to this topic:


Will this affect the ability of women to secure and successfully retain positions within corporations?

Whether having women in various corporate roles has any impact on the manner in which the Corporation Responds to these New Changes and Responsibilities?

In this page, You will also find  links to Related Publications
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Special Sections: Women in Business


An Overview

Women-owned businesses are a vital part of the successful economy of many nations. They outpace other small business sectors in growth and participate in every industry.

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