Fall 2010


A Legacy of Excellence

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On the Mark

A Dean's Diplomacy

Green Leads

Real World, Real Lessons

New Board of Trustees members appointed, first PhD students enrolled, dean of humanities and social sciences named, first food chemistry graduate program established


Rana el Kaliouby ’98, ’00 is a member of the Affective Computing
Research Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Documentary filmmaker Jehan S.
Harney ’93 brings to light the stories of underrepresented people in the United States

Parliamentarian Khaled El Asiouty ’93 is working to help the needy


Yomna Safwat ’10
won first place at
the Dubai Summer Surprises apprenticeship program

Parliamentary Alum Serves Constituency

“When Khaled El Asiouty ’93 graduated from AUC with a bachelor’s in economics, he had no intention of

entering politics. Walking in his father’s footsteps, he workedwith him in the family’s iron and steel business, which dates back to the 1940s, and participated with him in community-service endeavors in downtown Cairo’s Al Azbakiya district. El Asiouty’s entry into politics began when he joined the National Democratic Party (NDP) in 2002. “They were looking for youth with new ideas, so I decided to join,” he said.

El Asiouty quickly rose up the NDP ranks, moving from a member of the local Cairo council in 2002 to general trustee of Al Azbakiya district in 2005. He assumed the position of treasurer of the party’s administrative and financial affairs the following year, and in 2008, he served as president of the Cairo investment committee, thus moving from work at the district level to the capital level. Elected to the Egyptian Parliament last spring, El Asiouty is one of its youngest members. “Being among top-ranking officials with vast political expertise has widened my horizons and helped me understand many things,” he said. “It’s also very beneficial to be part of parliamentary discussions where multiple perspectives are presented and debated.”

In addition to his legislative responsibilities, El Asiouty sees his position as an avenue to serving the needy. He established a nongovernmental organization in Al Azbakiya district providing educational, cultural, environmental and medical services in the area. “Being a parliamentarian, I am able to act as a liaison between the underprivileged and the government, and this helps me address poor people’s needs and solve some of their pressing problems, which are mainly centered on health, education and utility infrastructure,” he said. “Though a parliamentarian’s role is largely legislative, I find the greatest satisfaction in serving the people. That way, I feel I’ve entered politics for a good cause.”