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A Brief Introduction

This site aims to facilitate the flow of information on "Economic Participation of Women" among researchers, policy makers and practitioners. The site acts as a portal providing recent publications, articles as well as information regarding the participation of women. It also aims at the acquisition, standardization and updating of data obtained from a variety of sources to structure them into a user friendly navigation form of information. It also includes useful links to organizations dealing with women issues.


Publications on Egypt

SRC/CIDA Research Program on Gender and Work    New !!
The Impact of Economic Crisis on Women in Egypt     New !!
A Brief on "The Impact of Economic Crisis on Labor Market in Egypt: Gender Perspective" in Arabic
From the SRC Working Papers Series:
Report of Field Survey on
Skills Requirements of the Egyptian Labor Market: A gender perspective (Manufacturing Sector)

Egypt Human Development Report 2010

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Related Resource Sites

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Two new sites have been developed in collaboration with UNIFEM in order to study the impact of globalization on women
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Globalization and its impact on Women in Egypt

Macro-Economics and its impact on Women in Egypt

Engendering Economic Governance

Also with the GTZ (Mubarak/ Kohl Initiative)

Skills Development

A new sub-site to highlight key issues concerning skills development. This part will be developed in collaboration with GTZ (Mubarak/ Kohl Initiative)


This section is dedicated to the news of the National Council for Women


Programs and Projects for the Economic Empowerment of Women


A Seminar on "Women Competitiveness in the labor market"
On February, 10th 2010; The Economic Committee of the National Council for Women held a follow-up Seminar on "Women Competitiveness in the labor market". The main aim of the seminar was to continue discussions on the four main topics introduced in the SRC/CIDA gender and work research program and framing the needed policy recommendations that could be directed to the policy makers to achieve wider women economic participation and empowerment. The workshop included four presentations.


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