Alumni Join Loyal for Life AUCian Campaign

AUC has introduced a multifaceted initiative designed to keep alumni connected to their alma mater. The Loyal for Life campaign, which was launched at the beginning of this academic year, is an opportunity to encourage alumni involvement in the AUC community.

To be a Loyal for Life AUCian, alumni must fulfill four requirements: they stay informed and connected to AUC; they get involved in any of the events or activities that the University holds; they give back a gift to The AUC Annual Fund; and lastly, they show pride in AUC by speaking positively about the University in social media channels and by displaying items that carry the University's name such as T-shirts, car stickers and mugs. Distinguished alumni receive a recognition package that has a Loyal for Life AUCian pin, car sticker, thank you certificate from AUC as well as a membership card.

"We encourage all alumni to join the Loyal for Life AUCian effort and spread the word about it to their fellow alumni," said Raymonda Raif, director of alumni and trustee affairs. "We want this to grow through alumni efforts, increasing the engagement and participation of all alumni in something greater than oneself."

Alumni will be asked to renew the Loyal for Life AUCian pledge annually.They will have to keep their contact information current and plan to attend several University events a year, including lectures, class or regional reunions, and meetings of the newly launched interest chapters, which help alumni in the same industry or with similar interests network with one another. "We are very proud of AUC, and this initiative is a way we can reach out to all our alumni, no matter where they are," said Manar Ayoub, associate director of alumni programs and special events. "This campaign is a recognition program that was conceived in order to increase alumni participation across the University."

Over the past months, alumni have been gradually inducted into the Loyal for Life campaign. Ramy Riad '98, chief executive officer of Intoegypt, affirmed that a stronger campaign to solicit alumni support is appropriate and timely. "For me, being an AUCian means having confidence in my educational background and overall mindset," said Riad. "Belonging to the best educational institution in the country, if not the region, gives me a sense of pride as well as confidence in my abilities. The new Loyal for Life AUCian campaign should bring alumni together and bring to light the strong network of high-caliber, well-established and capable individuals we have. It is then that alumni will realize that AUC is the experience that connects us all."

By Madeline Welsh