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 Special Awards

Contributions from donors provide a number of endowed and annual awards. Eligible students may apply at the departments where these awards are offered.

•Noreen Anwar Prize: a cash prize awarded twice a year to the best freshman research paper.

•Mohamed M. El Beleidy Academic Award: a cash award given twice a year to the graduating senior with the highest grade-point average.

•Beatrice and Roger Carlson Prize: a cash prize awarded to a woman who has demonstrated academic excellence. The prize money is to be used for the purchase of books.

•Tewfick Pasha Doss Award: an annual award given alternately to the best thesis in English and comparative literature and political science .

•Jesse Dugan Memorial Fund: proceeds of which are used for library staff development.

•Ahmed Fakhry Award in Egyptology: a cash award for the most outstanding junior majoring in Egyptology.

•Abdulla Mohamed Lamloum Prize: a cash award given to the highest-ranking economics graduate.

•Madalyn Lamont Prize: a cash award given to the winner of a literary competition.

•Ahmed El Mahallawi Family Award: a cash award presented at each commencement to a graduating senior who has demonstrated excellent academic achievement and is enrolled in extracurricular activities that include community services.

•Anand Mehta Award: an award to support Egyptian students participating in Model United Nations activities.

•Nadia Niazi Mostafa Award: an award presented to the winner of the best term paper or the best thesis in Islamic Art & Architecture.

•Parents Association Cup: a cup awarded twice yearly to a graduating senior who demonstrates unusual capability in blending academic achievement with a major contribution to student activities.

•Parents Association Outstanding Teaching Award: a cash award given to the best teacher of the year nominated by AUC faculty, alumni, parents, and students. The President of the university makes the final selection.

•President's Cup: a cup awarded twice yearly at commencement to the student achieving the highest grade point average during his/her years of study in the university.

•Reda Salama Prize: two cash prizes awarded annually to the best literature and best science students in the Center for Adult and Continuing Education (formerly DPS) Secondary-School Program.

•Frank G. Wisner Award for Scholarly Excellence: a cash award given annually to a graduate student who writes the best thesis on a topic related to modern Egypt.

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