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 Statement of Mission

The mission of the American University in Cairo (AUC) is to provide high quality educational opportunities to students from all segments of Egyptian society as well as from other countries, and to contribute to Egypt's cultural and intellectual life. The university offers programs at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels as well as an extensive continuing education program. The language of instruction is English.

The university advances the ideals of American liberal arts and professional education and of life-long learning. As freedom of academic expression is fundamental to this effort, AUC encourages the free exchange of ideas and promotes open and on-going interaction with scholarly institutions throughout Egypt and other parts of the world.

The pursuit of excellence is central to AUC's mission, and the university maintains high standards of academic achievement, professional behavior and ethical conduct. Toward this end it also provides a broad range of disciplines and learning opportunities and strives to contribute to the sum of human knowledge.

The university environment is designed to advance proficient use of the tools of learning as well as students' thinking capabilities, language and personal skills. Through its adult and continuing education programs, the university offers educational opportunities to enhance the professional and job skills of non-degree students.

AUC considers it essential to foster students' appreciation of their own culture and heritage and of their responsibilities to society. The university's aim of promoting international understanding is supported by means of scholarship, learned discourse, a multicultural campus environment, and a diversified publishing program.

To advance its mission, the university seeks to maintain a highly qualified faculty. Emphasis is placed on excellence in teaching as well as on research, creative work and faculty members' intellectual contributions to their disciplines. Outstanding administrative, professional and support staff, leading edge instructional technology and use of other resources are also central to the pursuit of the university's aims.

The American University in Cairo is an independent, non-profit, apolitical, non-sectarian and equal-opportunity institution.


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