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Diploma Requirements

Admission Requirements
  • Students should be holders of a Bachelor Degree from Egyptian Universities or Universities abroad accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities

  • Students should have a minimum of 3.0 GPA (grade “Good”) in undergraduate studies. If the student’s grade in undergraduate education is “Pass”, s/he must provide a proof of professional experience for at least 2 years.

  • Students should be able to follow lectures in both English and Arabic languages

  • Students are available to pursue the Diploma from September to May

Graduation Requirements
  • Students should attend at least 90% of the total credit hours set for the study courses. This is a pre-requisite to sit for the final exam

  • Students should sit for the final exam in all courses and pass with a minimum score of 60% in each course

  • Students should submit and defend the thesis with a minimum score of 60% of total marks at the end of the second semester

  • Minimum score of 70% of total marks in each course and the thesis (to “Good” estimate) is required in order to be officially graduated from the Diploma and issued a Diploma certificate, else students are offered a non-degree certificate of attendance.