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Module I: Development Paradigms and Goals, and Introduction to Social Science Research
Sept 29-Oct 10, 2019

This module aims to provide a conceptual understanding of development and the evolution of development paradigms over time. It acquaints participants with sustainable development goals, indicators and policies. It is also designed to orient trainees with the research planning process including ethical considerations, as well as equipping trainees with the skills for developing research proposals. At the end of this module, participants will develop a relevant research proposal to support development efforts in their field of work.

Submodule I.1: Sustainable Development Goals and Basics of Research Submodule I.2 Writing Research Proposal
Sept 29- Oct 3, 2019 Oct 6-10, 2019
- Development thinking and paradigm shifts
- Sustainable development goals, targets, indicators and policies
- Introduction to research
- Ethics of research
- Computer tools: PowerPoint
- Types of research proposals
- Stages and components of developing a research proposal
- The scientific writing method
- Computer tools: Reference Manager (ENDNOTE), Excel
- Hands on application: Participants develop a research proposal