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Travel and Health Insurance

Participation in this course is conditional on the applicant’s good health. Applicants are expected to be free of any ailment that could possibly impair their attendance. Participants are expected to obtain their own travel and medical insurance in their home country as they will not be insured by the SRC.

Travel Information

Participants are encouraged to arrive in Cairo one day in advance of course commencement. This will allow the participants with the opportunity to rest, and orient themselves in the SRC setting. Please inform the program administrator of your travel plans as soon as they are finalized.


Non-Egyptians are responsible for securing their visas. Travel visa for non-Egyptians is issued from the Egyptian Consulate at the home country. As visa arrangements may take several weeks; participants are requested to contact the Egyptian Consulate in their home country as early as possible. To obtain the visa, participants should present a letter from their institution requesting a visa for the purpose of attending the training program along with a copy of the SRC invitation letter.

Time Difference

The time in Egypt is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+2).

Currency & Banking

Official Currency: Egyptian Pound
Currency Exchange: www.oanda.com/convert/classic


During your stay in Egypt, you will encounter the spring weather that will reach a maximum of mid 30s degree C during September and starts to drop until it reaches 20 degree c during the day and 10-12 C at night.
For detailed weather forecast, please check www.accuweather.com/en/eg/egypt-weather

Ground Transportation

Participant is responsible for arranging their own transportation using:
Cairo Cab: 19155/ 19730/ 16516
Airport Shuttle: 199970

Emergency Telephone Numbers

Egyptian country code: + 20
Cairo city code: 2
Ambulance: 123
Fire: 125/ 23910115
Police: 122

Social Activities

The following web sites are highly recommended

Business Center

Business services such as faxing, photo copying, and courier services are available for a fee.