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Module III: Qualitative Research
Nov 10-Nov 28, 2019

This module seeks to familiarize participants with the basics of qualitative research applied in social, population and health sciences. It introduces participants to basic concepts and skills in qualitative data collection and analysis focusing on research experiences. It also acquaints participants with qualitative analysis software. At the end of this module the participants will understand the contributions of multidisciplinary research and how to draw on qualitative research to support their quantitative analysis. They will also conduct a small scale qualitative application and generate a report finding.

Submodule III.1: Qualitative Research Approaches Submodule III.2: Qualitative Research Tools Submodule III.3: Using NVIVO in Qualitative Research
Nov 10-14, 2019 Nov 17-Nov 21, 2019 Nov 24-Nov 28, 2019
- Introduction to qualitative research
- Approaches to community engagement
- Ethnography
- Grounded Theory
- Case studies
- Historical Research/Action Research
- Hands on applications
- Observation
- Interviewing
- Focus group discussions
- Visual methods
- Content and discourse analysis and documents review
- Hands on applications
- Introduction to NVIVO
- Setting up projects and classifying materials
- Sharing material and findings
- Generating reports
- Hands on applications