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Module II: Quantitative Research
Oct 13-Nov 7, 2019

This module covers techniques of quantitative research. It reviews quantitative data collection and analysis as used in the fields of epidemiology, statistics and demography, and computer-assisted applications in social, population and health sciences. The module responds to the development call for leaving no one behind by placing special emphasis on the analysis of inequalities and on health equity. At the end of this module, participants will conduct secondary analysis on the topic of their research using empirical data and computer packages. They will also produce a scientific article.

Submodule II.1: Introduction to Quantitative Research Submodule II.2: Data Entry and Analysis with Computer Applications
Oct 13-17, 2019 Oct 20-24, 2019
- Introduction to quantitative research
- Measures and indicators
- Quantitative research designs and sources of data
- Potential errors in quantitative research
- Sampling methods and Sample size calculation
- Methods of data collection
- Hands on application: Developing questionnaires
- Data entry using CSPRO
- Descriptive statistics and data presentation
- Measures of correlation and measures of association
- Research questions and statistical inference
- SPSS for data analysis
- Hands on applications